How equal are women?

How many women think and treat themselves equal to a man? How many of us look to our needs and wants before that of our fathers, brothers and husbands?

Not long back we had gone for dinner with another couple. All of us placed our orders for dosai and this guy wanted his dosai extra crisp. At his request to the waiter, his wife could not help but comment about her younger brother who would protest at a crisp dosai.” Her words were “Aiyo avan kathuven crisp pa pannina”

Have we indulged the men in our lives generation after generation, only for them to believe that it is their birth right to demand what they want from all the women in their lives?

Women empowerment begins at treating yourself equally to the way you treat a man.


Raaga said... is up to us.

Some days I cook stuff that I know S likes... or in a way in which he likes it. Some days I make things in the way I like... and if he should turn his nose up... I tell him as much... that he can't have his way all the time. :)

Keerti said...

Cooking was just a example but we can extrapolate it to so many issues faced by women across various segments of society.

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