Entity and Identity

Women will get treated like they ought to be only when they are first seen as an individual entity and a women before being perceived as mothers,grandmothers,daughters wives or daughter-in-laws.

It is said women are like the water, that takes the shape of whatever vessel you put it in.

Should it always be so?

If a woman is an entity, then should she not have an independent identity?


Raaga said...

am beginning to wonder if all is well. Has someone/something been bothering you a lot lately?

lipstick said...

All is fine :)

Did you not know... Women and related issues is a subject very close to my heart... That is the only topic I can write about straight from my heart.

I actually wanted to write on comprehensive post on women and related issues, but have not found the time- hence a series of smaller posts.

fullmoononearth said...

When I get hurt, only then do I realize that I exist.
Guess the movie Mona Lisa Smile conveyed the same thing that you have in your post.

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