So what have I been reading?

I have been trying to post here for the last one month but failing miserably every time. Too long a break? Perhaps I have forgotten to blog...I think I will have to pretend that I was never away and try and forget the nagging awareness of being a visitor in my own home. So before I digress on the same paths and this post goes into the long list of ones that never made it to the web world, I will now get to the topic of the post; Books.

In the last few months I have been reading a large number of books in spite of the fact that Pune (read the area where we live in) has NO lending library. For a person who believes that the 3 most essential things an good area requires are; lending library, gym and a decent parlor at walking distance, this place fails miserably in all the three fronts. So how exactly did I lay my hands on the books? Well it all because of my dear old attai and her ever dearer book collection. Though she lives a good 40 km away we make sufficient trips to her place to makes sure we are never at dearth of reading material.

Currently the Reacher books by Lee child are our hot favorites. P and I both absolutely love the way he writes and the fast paced action filled stories he weaves. He meticulously avoids long sentences and unnecessary details. Every line in the book has a purpose. If you don’t know the reason behind a statement or fact immediately, then trust me the stated fact will suddenly become very important as you keep turning pages. Due to this reason, I many times end up revisiting pages. I would have laid this down as my diminishing ability to join the dots but for P echoing the same.

Now moving on to the hero of his 12 books; Reacher the drifter. Imagine a 6 ft 5” guy with dirty blond hair, ice blue eyes who can smell out ATM’s in different places and use his uncanny ability to tell the time of the day without referring to a watch, be it any time zone. Weird? Strange? Well you will love him anyway.

We started the Reacher series with one of the best – One shot and now Bad luck and Trouble has tied with One Shot for the first place. Personally I liked Killing floor the least.It was a bit raw, perhaps because that was the first book of the series. Trip wire, The enemy and Persuader were real gems too. Anyway the stats of today stand at 6 down 6 to go and I can’t wait to devour the rest of the books. Hmm…crossword is having a sale till Sep 15th, is it not?

The other Author that we have started reading is James Patterson. I don’t actually enjoy his books as much as Reacher ones but change is very important and James Patterson makes a fast read. He has basically written 3 series- Alex cross, Woman’s murder club and maximum ride. I am yet to read any books from the last one. Alex cross books are fairly good and maintain a good pace but for some unnecessary gory details. Okay really gory details. Unlike Lee child, the first book of Alex cross series- Along came a spider was my favorite. Jack and Jill, Kiss the girls and Four blind mice are the other ones I have read but did not enjoy as much. The one book, 3rd Degree, I read in the Woman’s murder club series was not bad but not good either.

The last author who has caught my attention is James Rollins. Though I have read only one of his books- Judas strain, he seems promising and the kind I would enjoy. I will have to convince attai to buy his sigma series once we have exhausted all the Reacher books.

Other than the books mentioned above there have been many more I have being reading and as far is Pune is concerned this aspect of it will be something I will remember for a long long time. With that I have now successfully completed by first post in months…and can genuinely say “ I am back!”

p.s->Take a look at my newly added library


Goutham said...

I wonder if I am growing old or what, I seem to like non fiction better these days. I found Lance Armstrong's "Its not about the bike", and Randy Pausch's "Last Lecture" a good read. Reading "Three cups of tea" now.

Will check out Lee Child some time. Why do you need lending libraries? Can't you go to a book store and read?

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