A quick flash back to Leeds Castle

It's been about a month since I have landed in India and but it feels more akin to a life time. I guess I can attribute the reason to the fact that hardly anything has changed in the large perspective.I am so tempted to start writing about how it feels to get back to work after four months and how the same set of people at work react to you after marriage and...But before I start writing about daily drivel I think I should pause, look back and try to do justice to some very special places I had happened to visit this winter. So this post is about our trip to a very beautiful castle.

It all started because I have always had a fascination for castles. They feed my romantic inclination, with stories of blood, love, lust and power. I can still remember the wistful thoughts that lingered in my mind days after a very good friend of mine(G), gave me a miniature of the Edinburgh castle. So in order to sate my lust for castles, on our last Saturday in Ipswich, P and I set off to Kent.

We took a train to London and then hopped into National express bus service direct to Leeds Castle, situated in the beautiful countryside of Kent. As we entered the castle grounds we could see a big air balloon which is used by many to fly over the surrounding grounds. The path towards the castle was flanked by a pretty duckery and little bridges around the ponds were an absolute delight. The acres and acres of green hills, sprinkled with shrubs and trees make you want to start running and bursting into the song "Climb every mountain…." and believe me P only just about managed to hold me from doing so.

The castle by itself is set on two islands of river Len. The first sight of it takes your breath away; Blue skies, deep blue waters, green grass, tall trees and a castle amidst all this.

Once inside the castle you cannot miss the fact that it is rather well maintained. The polished interiors give you a glimpse into the world of the kings and queens of the past; ostentatiously decorated dinner tables, king size beds and of course their baths.

Once we were done with castle we then proceeded to walk into the maze. It is made of 2,400 yew trees! It turned out to be quite a challenge but we enjoyed it through and through and before we could finally reach the panoramic central viewing point we had spent a substantial amount of time walking in circles and getting quite lost.

The aviary came next. In spite of what you read about the greatness of this aviary which does host some few hundred rare species, I was not too impressed by how they had caged many birds in relatively small cages. All claims about preserving the rare species were reduced to a mere conjecture in my eyes.

In all we spent a whole day there yet it was not nearly enough to completely explore the place. It is said that this place really blooms and colors in spring and even though the regret of not having seen it in spring remains, I must say that the experience was truly one of a kind.


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