Frantic pace

I have been meaning to write about our hectic two weeks where no plan remained the same for more than a few hours at a time. We were to travel to India on 31 March as of 27th Jan and a fine Sunday it was..Little did we knew that next two weeks would be soon categorized with some of the most eventful and hectic weeks of our lives. On the dawn of 28th we were told to leave on 1st of Feb. We were shell shocked. Our meticulously planed Rome trip looked as if it would never happen and Scotland a distant dream. The house owner's tantrums and penalty to be paid seemed liked a nightmare. The monthly provisions purchased on the previous Saturday mocked us at every step…but what must be done had to be done. Just as we had reconciled to it, the trip got postponed by a week and we took off to Rome for 2 days! (All we had to do was bring the travel dates forward) More on that later…

On coming back from a beautiful jaunt, the frantic packing and closing down in Ipswich took its own course and before we could even absorb the whole change, the bags lay packed, the bills neatly paid, the house cleaned, tickets booked to Chennai and then from there to pune, my transfer redirected…you name it and it was done.(All credit for planning our travel goes to P) We were to leave on 9th February or so we believed until 8th afternoon, before P was told his presence was required for another 2 weeks! So now our travel plan stands postponed again. If not for the winter here I would have definitely put in a few words about the sweat that slowly trickled down our brow…


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