An attempt to make a comeback- Root cause analysis on why I have not been blogging

One strong emotion, overpowering everything else does wonders to ones writing ability. At least it did so to mine. I can say that with fair amount of certainty and also offer my previous posts and the other blog as proof for it. If you have read either you would know that I used to focus of melancholic thoughts, which I know is not a great thing and leaves you quite uninspired but what can I say, for I was at least writing. Yes I could focus. One dreary dark thought at a time. One cynical look at a time. You get the idea.

Well that brings me to now. I feel as if I am stuck in a place where sometimes I can’t hear even my own voice, leave alone the idea of being heard by others. So I have suddenly lost the ability to zero down. It’s not the same as being left bereft for words for it’s not the words that are failing me. No sooner do I get a grip of one strand of thought, that it gets all tangled with a few million others and I end up confused; what did I want to write about again?

I did think getting out of the scene in every way would feed my imagination, I wonder why it has done so little. Maybe I need more time and some peace of mind. Maybe I am yet to come to terms with my life and take control. Right now I feel as if I am on auto pilot; make optimum decisions with least hassle to all. Though that is the mantra to go by on par with a quick cost benefit analysis, sometimes personal feelings and principals also count.


Pretty Woman said...

hey....good to see you back! how is the married life?....will come back hoping to see more posts!

Seema said...

Welcome back.. and visit this space more often :)

Keerti said...


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