So for years she had prided herself on her strong feminist view points. She had braved all the whispers about her being a feminist of the weirdest and meanest kind. All to what end, she thought now as she sat on her appa’s lap and the bridegroom tied the “magal suthra”. Her pleas of the marriage cost to be equally shared, the loud comments about never quitting work, all the reasons and rationale she had thought of behind marriage, about the fine line between lust-love et all died a final death amidst the clamoring sounds of the nagaswaram

After all, knowing that your actions are hypocritical and yet doing nothing to stop them makes a person no less a hypocrite, if not more.


Whizkid said...

Typo ther..It's "mangal" :)...India
is still not ready for feminist
opinions in somebody to remain
unchanged after marriage. But, things will change as the Gen x grows old...20 years from now we could possibly see less and less of hypocrites :)

Laksh said...

Wow! you echoed my thoughts there.

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