I have been tagged by Raaga so here goes…

* I love skhikhand and I discovered that only 4 weeks back!! And after that every day I have felt sorry about all those wasted years of sheer shikhand deprivation.

* I hate long nails!

* I have a fetish for lipstick but I rarely indulge.

* I sometimes dance when alone to a good tune.

* When I like a new song, I listen to it in a loop till i wear it off...

* I love red hues

* A good work out gives me a high like nothing else.

*And the last of all I am not what I seem to be. ;) (Fact-I like being seen as a mystery woman though sometimes I think I am not)

I hence tag



And every one else who chances upon this page and is searching for something to write about...


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