Run, hide …please don’t seek, lest of all speak!

Hmm…So am back sooner than expected!

I have surprised myself yet again. A few days back, while I was spending the afternoon browsing through books at landmark I happened to glance at my side and see one woman who I did not want to chance upon; Ms S. I surprised because I was not aware that I did not want to see her until I did. I was caught by a wild sheer panic that ran though my veins and completely blocked out my vision. I literally ran towards the design section on far corner where I was sure she would not come by and stayed there for whole half hour flipping through books I did not care about. Later I was so mortified by what I did that I blocked the whole episode out of mind.

Then on retrospect I was wondering why I had taken flight like that. It’s been exactly 4 years now since I have seen her and tell you the truth other than few odd episodes here and there I was on fairly good terms last time we spoke. Of course she was one of those women I did not hit it off with right at the beginning but what the hell who can hit it off with a woman whose love interest was interested in me even though I was not interested in him. (An almost comical situation when I look back at it now!)So we never were exactly buddies but we were not enemies either. We were just two people not quite sure where to place the other person; Friend or foe. So maybe the reason lies somewhere between the lines which we had never bothered to cross.

So what is that makes us want to avoid certain people? What is that makes us want to run and take cover? Maybe it is the inherent nature in us to avoid confrontations with parts of our lives, certain people and what emotions they bring out in us. I for once have started avoiding all people who figure high on the possibility of causing an eruption of feelings I rather not experience. Which brings us to the age old saying which has been debated to death with regard to long distant relationships; Out of sight, out of mind?

Though I believe it is not an easy task at times( But at the same time is also known to be shockingly easy at many instances; Ms H in my case), it is certainly one way to try and push things out of you mind. But remember whether you want it or not there will soon be invisible walls. A welcome thing, I presume, since you are anyway trying to avoid the person.


Raaga said...

OK Lipstick: you've been tagged!!

Chitra said...

Hi ! Just read this blog of urs..believe me am in the same state right now trying to avoid a friend. A simple thought abt talking to her gives me so much of discomfort because of the kind of uncomfortable questions i might hv to face. I have gone undercovers with her not able to confront or fight or get it out straight with her....

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