Invisible walls

Herein lies the reason why it will never be what it was/could have been between us. The unsaid words have piled up like bricks, one over the other cemented by pent up, potent & dark feelings. The more we choose to ignore the more they become conspicuous. The more we laugh about inconsequential things, the deeper the wound cuts. The more we pretend, more it seems real.

Like a festered wound left to move from bad to worse we are letting it all die. Slowly and painfully. With intermittent additional afflictions on the wound with words laced with indifference, we are on our way to make sure it is irrevocably damaged. The carefully indexed good memories are becoming more and more difficult to recall. Every walk down that particular memory lane leaves me in a hazy red and I pull away from anything remotely connected to you. Each time I return from that lane I shift delete some part of you from me.

With each walk down that lane ,the wall between us stands taller, illusive to all but us. A heavy presence which is slowly becoming so much of a part of our surroundings that soon we will not notice it and take the block for granted. Ignoring will become second nature to us. Numbed with pain, riding on indifference we will become what we were pretending to be.



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