Why i have not been blogging...

It pains me to say this but I am not able to write anything these days…I am not able to put down the various thoughts in my head in a readable structured manner on paper. I don’t know why…Maybe it’s the work that’s taking the toll on me or maybe the working Saturdays doing their bit to rub of any writing ability or maybe its plain lack of inspiration…The climate is turning warm, its more sweaty these days and does nothing to feed my dreaming abilities ….I am forever irritated with the Sun which beats down relentlessly and offers no respite. But then there have been many summers before this also and none had this sort of effect on me…

Then maybe I should lay the blame on the depressing turn of events in life…As against what’s been told my various astrologers that this is bound to be the best year in my life…things so far have been far from good but please note it would be unfair to call them bad either….

The promotion I have been expecting might not happen this year so I have these “what next” thoughts in my head which leave me in no peace… Do I look for another job or wait around till next April? I have frequent episodes of unpleasantness with my best friend and it looks like I am on a getting hurt spree...I don’t seem to loose weight either…and so many others things….

So bottom line I am feeling low and guess what when I am really feeling low I cannot write! So now you know most of the sad, melancholy laden posts were made when I was actually in a happy state of mind. It is a paradox alright!


Pretty Woman said...

hang in there, woman! All I can say is that there is always a high after a something I hope that cheers you up and look forward to the 'high'

lemon said...

doesn't look like u cant write to me..!!! :)

Seema said...

Don't worry, this is just a passing phase. When not in the best of moods try and think of something that you'd rather be doing than just feel low. Probably that helps.

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