Two movies and my thoughts

Today I watched two movies in complete contrast with each other consecutively. One was Raincoat (first time), a Ajay Devgan and Ashiwarya starer and other Jerry Maguire (Zillionth time).

Raincoat is a story of two ill fated lovers who meet up after years and try to paint a rosy picture of their life’s to each other which is in stark contrast to the reality. A reality, which has left them both helpless and miserable. I loved the play of “If-only” emotions across their faces in a crowded and messy room where a lone candle burnt; playing with shadows, just like the fate that had played with the two childhood sweethearts. I have lately come to realize “If” and “If only” are some of the most powerful emotions. In the last two years there have been so many instances when a single stream of a shy “If only” thought would stray into my otherwise busy life and make me pause and wonder and bring that wistful yet romantic element back into my life. Happy Cinderella type stories like Jerry Maguire have their own charm but they don’t pull at your heart and take you back in time. They don’t make your eyes misty and they don’t make you to take off to the motta madi to feel evening breeze and stare at the evening sky till the stars come out in beautiful splendor and lastly but not the least they don’t make you write posts which have no purpose than to capture a Sunday evening mood.


Pretty Woman said...

totally endorse that thought!!! sometimes, there are moments in movies, that remind you of nice fuzzy moments in life...and it just passes by...leaving you with the thought.."what if"

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