Riding on the very edge

When the light fades away
And the stars are yet to shine

When the heat of the day ebbs
And the chilly night is still at bay

When time moves slowly
And the blood runs high

When dreams take over
And the head hears the heart

Will you dare to tell the orange twilight
The secrets hidden in the morning glare
And sheathed in the inky darkness at night?


Raaga said...


Seema said...

I talk to the twilight, pour my heart out, expecting the evening breeze to overhear me and go tell him all that I told the twilight.

Goutham said...

Nice.. :)
To answer the question, I will dare to tell. There are hardly any secrets on a day to day basis.. :D

Keerti said...

@ raaga- nice smile. :P
@ Fullmoonearth -you are the sister of my blog soul cos more often than not you respond in the same tangent.Thanks :-D
@ g'man- :)

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