The free ride you have already paid for!

It’s a truth. Like a statement of fact. It exists amongst us. Weather we recognize it is another thing. It can be a sort of rueful humor too. That is Irony for you.

So when I was just sitting around doing nothing much I decided to write about something more substantial than my usual drivel of sad saga about a dried up love, a dream never to be and other similar depressing stuff…Then it dawned on me what I was romancing was the irony…

Irony is when I once told a friend that how I wish we were in the same city so that we could meet often and now when in the same city, just next door we have not laid eyes on each other. It is also when a substantial amount of phone bill could be attributed to the miles between us and now when it is just a question of few kilometers not a word escapes. Do you remember the birthday cards and gifts you ached for when you were sixteen and thought everything was as fairy taleish as the movie Sound of Music? Now the same gifts and cards ring a false note and any declaration of sentiment of affection, friendship and love seem cloying and distasteful. Ironical?

The son who once told his amma that he would marry only for love and convinced his parents, is now back after 8 years abroad in search of a “a slim, beautiful, modern yet traditional bride. Horoscope matching a must”. The grandson has finally arrived only too late because the word holds little meaning with no loving grandparents around. When the hugely unpopular relative throws a bash that no one misses and even enjoys. When you spend a lifetime trying to the proper thing and not get into messy relationships only to find that the mess has beat you to it anyways. Single, successful and messy are not mutually exclusive!

When a particular moment raises and moves to the page booked marked in your diary of life and calls upon a memory which is strikingly in contrast with the present, its irony taking you over. According to Aristotle, if you know you're failing and you proceed to fail anyway and somehow you know the reason why this was inevitable, you are a tragic figure. He also says if you choose to find this funny you are dabbling in high comedy and the difference between this and tragedy is simply a matter of degree. Perhaps he is right but when a situation is far from comical in a slapstick way and even bordering on sad, one often laughs about it to make it all look bearable. It is certainly not an excuse to fail or to why we let things get worse all the time knowing that it is heading south. But something’s in life are just like that; Ironical.


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