An appeal-don’t steal

My affliction for writing melancholic posts is hard to overcome. I keep trying but somehow never quite succeed. But this post is long overdue and I guess there are a few things I am just going to have to say however ugly they sound…

I have always been a fiercely possessive person. This streak runs deep in me and what I consider mine remains mine. If I perceive any threat in any form to what is mine I turn into this fire breathing, evil wishing, spell casting witch. I am tempted to add ‘Think twice before you mess with me”. If I could I would also introduce some thunder and lightening at this point and arrange for the power at you place to go off without any warning. There would be a jingle of anklets in the background too. Just so that whenever any of you have the urge to take away what is mine I am at least assured of a shiver that will run down your spine and chill you to your bones. I guess what I describe here is inherent human nature; to conquer, to own and hold. So we all have these special things in life and for me one of them in this blog. See the font, the language used, and a style of writing. It is so like my older blog but for the regular dose of good pictures for every post I used to load. Even if I try, I cannot change. Such is my way of writing.

Now time and again, I ache to say this but my some of my close friends try to imitate what I do and sometimes in their guileless manner, which just reinforces the fact that in their minds I am a “close” friend, they also tell me that they want to do this like me and that like me etc. So I am a friend who more often than not taken for granted. No I don’t mind that, but what I do mind it that you never read what I write because you think you don’t measure up or tell me so (smacks of jealousy?). I do mind it when you in all alacrity crop up multiple blogs just because I have one and I do mind when those blogs are styled and written in the way I usually write!

Now come-on are you really that naive? Now if I were inspired to write something like say one of favorite bloggers or a close friend I would at least style it a different manner, the color, the font, the language everything….and it is worse when you openly declare what your intent is. One friend called me up and told me that I had written some amazing stuff(in my old blog) and that she had made a word document of all the phrases(read from prose) she liked so that she could use them in future to serve her needs. I was appalled, enraged and in a sour mood for days to come. I got the creative commons license embedded on my older blog and wrote a polite yet strongly worded mail to her which unfortunately never quite served the purpose. Such is the way of things.

I had this other friend who told me that it was I who made her want to write again. She told me that seeing the joy it gave me she wanted to explore that realm herself. Days later when I visited her blog I saw that she had actually taken pains to make sure the blog did not resemble in the vaguest manner to mine. She won me over, flat and square, then and there. I now visit her page regularly just to see what is cooking. I wish more people were like that and would truly try to be different. Don’t misinterpret this post. For it is not about all those copy cat blogs (many bloggers have come up with posts which have not only linked the copycats but also ripped then apart. Serves them right.) or about piracy. This is about friends imitating what you do…A type of unintended plagiarizing.

Now all said and done whoever said, “Imitation was the best form of flattery”? For it is not. Not for me. Period.

ps- I f I have sounded arrogant then kindly forgive me for it was truly unintended. I am actually painfully aware of how amateurish my writing is and I am striving to improve. Well it is a relative world!


Seema said...

Not arrogant at all. This actually shows how much it affects you when you are imitated, for whatever reasons.

Pretty Woman said...

hey have you heard of this, " when someone is jealous of you, it means they long to be more like you!" revel in the glory of being envied!! :D

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