Spice up!

Mylapore Mami, madisaru and all always went to Kapalishwar every Saturday evening. Or so everyone thought. She would wrap up the dinner preparations, leave the kids at the neighbor’s house and quickly rush in an auto…towards the light house near Marina. There she would meet him; A jolly old man, a good grandfather, a father to his son, a friend to many others …but just plain old Subu to her. It was like revisiting her past. A time before his death, grandchildren, children and marriage. It was like becoming twelve again.

They would let the waves play with their feet, as they shared a quite smoke in the evening breeze.

So maybe her son would not approve of these clandestine meetings and her daughter-in-law would pull a long face, but she did it anyway week after week.So she had decided that she had a right to make her sambar more kara saram.

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