Rain & me

It’s been some time since my skin has felt the soft drops of the nascent rain. The only time I feel the fresh dew on my feet is when I take a trip down the memory lane to a time when the rain had left me completely drenched. I watch with avid fascination almost akin to wonder when the blue skies turn an inky blue then fade into different shades of grey until they become as dark as the mysterious night. There would be a sudden lash of lightening which would light up a path bordered with rivulets of rain water, beckoning me to tread upon it once again…

This year again the October rain has touched me not, but I did watch thought the glassed window and safe confines of my own little cove, in silent hope that some day my parched skin will give up this self imposed exile and dare to step out, uncaring of the aftermath the storm will bring and let the rain drench me again.


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