Radom scribbles wrought with ennui

I want to explore my mood and thoughts in a nonstop way in this space, simply because this is one of those days when I am having a lull in work flow. Since the last twenty days have been hectic, I am suddenly feeling bereft. As if I just don’t know what to do with my time. I am listening to new songs. Reading…reading…and reading more... my mood is fluctuating with every song... all thoughts are tumbling into one another...and I am now thinking what exactly I should write about….I think there is some laughter in my bay at some joke, but it fails to reach me…I can hear only Oh saathi re from omkara …maybe I should confess something in this space…

Like about that girls blog that I have been reading secretly and how I have been lapping up every word she says…how sometimes I think I almost feel her in my head…yes its all very romantic…I know the authors identity but she does not even know that I exist…its not that I like her writing style or even enjoy what she writes in particular…but somewhere in all those words I see myself…as I was when I was her age…a little lost…ecstatic for no reason…insecure…everything which is part of being that age…Its been sometime since I have felt that vulnerable and naive and just sometimes I miss that clueless me…

I wish I knew her in person. I would then tell her all is not bad and that things will change.. that one day she will come back to her blog, look at her posts and smile in the memory of a time gone by…

Hmm…but wishes don’t always come true, do they?
I am off for the day finally….


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