Dhoom 2

I saw Dhoom 2 over the weekend with friends and since for once I have actually (hold you breath there!) managed to see a movie on the first weekend of its release (wonder of wonders!) and since this blog is sorely in need of some change, here I go with, shall we call it some haphazard reflections? Haphazard because, I want you to be warned about my disastrous reviewing skills.

Well, if you are the type who goes to a movie to appreciate art, acting, direction and always look for something different then please stay away from the movie. This movie is nothing but what it is promised to be- Yet another chase with a lot of glamour. No its not like any bond movie or a matrix, that sort of expertise is still a far reached concept in our own desi industry but still fares much better than its poorer cousins.

Bipasha looks stunning in the first few scenes but later somehow frizzles out. Her second bimbo look is not as appealing, in spite of the fact that she does look breathtaking in her bikinis! She claims that she was so paranoid about this shoot that she went on a 3 day orange diet and wanted to somehow avoid the Pamela Anderson look. Well, she certainly did that but did not quite make it to Cameron Diaz either. Sorry Baps.But hey you rocked in Corporate and Omkara...

Ash’s sort of negative role was a welcome change given that I am quite sick of seeing her bent over, slightly turned head with a practiced plastic smile, cloying in extreme(refer hum dil de chuke sanam, Josh, etc) Though she does not sport any bikinis her outfits are still smoking hot! So Ash fans can still hop on…

Abhishek, now he could NOT have sported a more stonier look which even his facial hair could not cover.Maybe that’s what the role requires, but he is quite wasted in this movie. Neither does he have glamour nor a strong role. Even the bike he rides is not as happening as the others. Sad indeed. But not to worry, I am sure he will rock in Guru.

Ushay’s track of comedy is usual but funny. All his dreams of biwi and bachee still make you smile.

Lastly Hritik, lucky guy he gets to do most of the work in the movie, drives the best bike and carries it off far better than John Abraham in the last movie. Though his disguises were good and charming in a queer sort of a way they are not in league with any of his better counterparts. Better than Aunty no.1 but not as good as Chachi 420. But he is sexy as hell!

Lastly if you really want to watch the movie, please leave your brain at home and watch it for sheer glamour of it all, the excellence of how finely toned bodies light up the screen, for the not so bad song-dance sequence, for the bikes and for the bikinis.
A time pass, nothing else.


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