How it ended

His story

Yet another “Silent treatment” phase is what he thought it was. So she will get over it. After all he had finally asked he to marry him 2 days back, but that was before the distance issue which came up again today evening. She had said she would give an answer today but again that was before the long spans of silences that marked the evening. Eleven o’clock was never so far away. That was when they would meet night after night.

Sharp 5 min to eleven he signed in to see her offline. Impatience now turning to anger was gnawing at him. After all did she expect him to quit his job and move here, or take her with him…

It was 11:15 and no sign of her. Fine then, let me give her a piece of her silent treatment he thought and logged off, while switching off his mobile.

Her story

She was sick of him leaving her behind. So finally he had asked her to marry him. There was joy and some sadness in the thought. His parents. Will they agree? She thought he would reassure her of that today but he never opened the topic. Hence her irritation. How long do I go on like this she thought? There was this mention of a nice boy by amma today. They would be coming over tomorrow to meet them…Well she liked the photo…so….

Tears were whelming up her eyes as the clock moved past 11. Damn the power cuts. Given how he was a stickler of time, he would not hang around she knew…maybe he would leave an offline msg. In her agitation she hit her self against the cot…

Sudden brightness flooded the room at 11:15. Finally! Uncaring of the sharp twinge of pain from her thigh she ran to her system and switched it on, counted seconds till she was finally online,but no offline messages. Her fingers hurriedly dialed his number; she had to tell him about the nice boy and their visit lined up, only to hear "This number is currently not reachable"and remained so the entire fateful night.


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