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Friday, December 30, 2017

Update on Day-10(Holidaying in Chennai)

So like old days some friends and I walked down to Sathyam to catch “Kadal Kavithai”. Watch it if you have nothing better to do. No enthu to put detail review and all so if you really want to know just do a google. ;-)

But before that some time passing happened at cafĂ© coffee day at Gopalapuram for an hour or so…life, work-life, wife’s, women( they still remain a mystery you see) someone’s marriage plans(if you are reading remember treat pending da), house loans, to quit smoking or not and lastly start up plans- yes we are still planning to overtake the Tata’s. :P

Ten years down and things are different yet not so different. Well a good ten day holiday with parents gets over tomorrow and I head back to Amsterdam, back to work. But before that, last night out with friends at Havana will happen in sometime. :P
Will do a detail post on the changes in Chennai night life next soon. So keep visiting. Until then.


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