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Friday, December 30, 2017

Back Home

My home- Chennai. All said and done no place can ever fall in the same league as your home. People say the climate is too sultry, summer to hot and the values too outdated but still it is home to me and will always be. I make it a point to touch base whenever possible in-between my trips and every time even though I see changes here and there, essentially Chennai is still the same.

Today as I hurried to cafĂ© coffee day near Gopalapurm to meet an old friend, I happened to see a person who I had lost touch with completely on purpose- Sid short for Siddhart. I wish I had never laid eyes on him today because it brought back a gamut of emotions from the year I turned 23. Love, jealousy, betrayals by friends (especially one Vi short for Vidya), embarrassment over extremely foolish things I wish I had never done, break-ups and more….A case of quarter life crisis? Maybe… Well that was the year I changed. I have never written about this before and maybe I should not as something’s are better left unsaid…

But I wonder if I will ever see Vi again and if she will be able to see me eye to eye. Funnily at that moment I caught a glimpse of a woman who so looked like Vi get into a car and speed away…was it her? I don’t know and in some ways I just don’t care. But at that moment the only thought on my head was to avoid Sid!!

Even after ten years, this more confident, could not face Sid. Though I have stopped shying from confrontations and stopped hiding, the awkwardness I will feel on seeing him is not something I can handle. So as less conspicuously as possible I slipped behind crowds and headed towards CCD, without looking back and praying hard, that was not his intended destination too.

Ps- Thank god he was not there ! Rest of the day was beautiful. Met up with my friend, did a lot of catching up and you know(blush blush)is landing here tonight and am off to receive him…my heart goes boom-French affair.

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