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Friday, December 30, 2017

It’s a life time between being 23 and 32.Too many things have changed and I wish sometimes it were just a swap of numbers and nothing more. Now that’s called wishful thinking!

Soon after I rushed Ni and Ki to school after a usual hectic morning and was returning to car parked near the café coffee day at Gopalapuram, I saw someone whom I had completely lost touch with-Puri short for Purvaja …

She was as perfect as always. A vision in jeans that were snug and made for her and wait a minute even the tiny top she was wearing was so like the one we bought on one of our gallivanting sprees across Chennai city. Her winning smile I know has broken many a heart and her attitude has knocked out the winds of people around her. Even as she walked across the street there was a definite bounce in her feet…last I heard she was a consultant flying across nations frequently…she still must be at the same job…

Do you remember the midnight phone calls, the gossip, boy talk, lingerie shopping…everything…sigh…but it was the year we turned 23 that changed everything, is it not? I am still not sure what happened or maybe I know but don’t want to accept it even today because something’s are best left unsaid and even unacknowledged.

I have always loved you, but I am sorry I cannot not face you today…the inches around my waist and baggies here and there cannot be camouflaged even by the behenji type salwar suits I have stated wearing…the gallantry of having given up my job for my two lovely kids and husband, does not seem as grand today…when I look at you I miss what I could have been…I miss the person I have not become… There have been to may If’s and But’s between being 23 and 32 and somehow amidst all this I think I have lost the courage to face you and in a way face myself .We made our choices then, right or wrong, good or bad I cannot say especially when all I see is grey. All I can say is we live with the choices we make…

I quickly averted my eyes lest we make that fateful eye contact and sped away into future without turning back…

Ps- rest of the day was usual as ever.

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