Anamika's Diary-2

Something’s don’t change

I sat grumpily looking at you read your beloved newspaper. There are days like today when I absolutely hate those sheets of paper because they take you away from me, especially when morning sickness prods its ugly tongue and the dew of the rain we shared last night is still fresh in my mind. I scan through the kitchen to find you have again left the stained spoons on the brand new microwave top which will surely leave yellow stains!

Well I am fed up of cleaning and saying the same things again and again. In fact I even have this faint suspicion that you were complaining to amma last night about my being a nag! So is that it? I am now a nag is it? I blurt out “Do you love me?”, only to be greeted by your silence and the faint sound of my spoon hitting against the bowl as I grudgingly eat the chocolate cornflakes.

I am taken to the days when we used have endless phone conversations marked with long silences, simply seeking comfort in the fact that the other was doing exactly the same thing. Do you know there are times when I wanted to put the phone under my pillow and have wondered if you would dream about me in spite of the miles that separated us? Sigh. That was then.

I rasped out again “Do you still love me?” You just smiled at me and shook your head. My heart crumpled and I almost died a small death before you ironed out the lines that marked my forehead with a kiss and put the spoons in the sink after wiping the microwave top.


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