Slipping into silence

Dated 26-Sep-2056

Now that there is absolutely nothing between us but your blog, I think I can safely write this here given that you don’t even know that I still live, let alone blog. If I care to acknowledge the truth, it’s been like that forever. Forever now has no beginning, middle or end. Every time I am with my system my hands automatically select your blog from the favorites. Year after year I read your words and try to find a semblance of you in them. I have dragged every word across my soul and tried to see what you are telling me. Spent nerve wracking hours on your punctuation, thinking its all puzzle, some coded message for me….but not anymore. For your space has stood still for sometime now. Not even a whisper of breeze.

Some days when I slowly hobble across the street or am waiting at the crowded traffic signal, your thoughts breeze through my soul and it feels as if your words are calling out to me. Yes, I think of you. Did your granddaughter get married? Did you finish that cookery book? I wonder why you do not blog anymore. ....Has arthritis wrought by old age caught up with you? Have your fingers failed you...Then there was a post on your space today after 6 long months...

Dear readers

My grandmother has moved away from us on 26-Mar-2056 at age of 85, leaving behind loads of fond memories and her words still live with us.

May her soul rest in peace.
Thank You

I wrote for a reason.
In hope…
Null and void today…
So I rest my pen here and now.

-An unidentified old man


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