A Prospective Bridegroom

Myth: Men care only for looks.

My mom: Do you make good coffee?
Bride candidate: yes
My mom: So do you like coffee?
Bride candidate: No aunty, I drink paal*
My mom: (Looking at me) Coffee is anyway bad for health…

She is perfect was my mom’s verdict. Jadam poritum** good, height 5 5”, fair and good looking, BE, cooks like an angel, sings, traditional yet modern, homely working girl, upper middle class so they will organize a “decent” marriage… “Verra enna da venum”?***

Well all that is fine,she does look good from one angle, but I really can’t understand how amma can expect me to marry and live my whole life with a girl who drinks paal!!

I cast my one worded verdict “No” and take the next flight to my job in the safest place I know- Mumbai; Far away from the whole bride checking out ceremony thing in chennai.

The myth is broken and another is formed.

* milk
** horoscope match
*** What else do you want?


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