The famous trio

As far as I can remember I have always disliked the number three and anything that comes in three's. Buy two jeans take one free, the threesome snaps in various albums, we two-ours one, yea everything three makes me wry. Okay I know I am pushing it too far but the number three so sadly caught between the intimate two and lively four always brings back scenes not exactly pleasant!.

Remember the threesomes in school, college and if you stretch it a bit even at certain work places just like the ones in movoies like Clueless, Never been kissed, Crossroads and even our own Khkg.The three ever popular girls who have a "we are so cool" air about them and are not only snobbish about their self proclaimed "elite" status but also take it upon them selves to decided who is cool and who is not. If you were to chance upon the school/college corridors on deserted evenings you will find that amidst all the nostalgic vibes, there will be the shrill laughter and antics of such trios who have graced the school year after year, finding a place in every class and every section in spite of the fact that they are the always the most hated girls (at least by many other girls).

The secret behind their success (read popularity) lays in the fact that they are everything most others want to be but somehow always fail. There is always a slip between the cup and lips for most others unlike these girls who have struck gold by intuitively knowing the exact amount of bitchiness mixed with sweet smiles and flirting which makes it all work like clockwork. So along with being the most hated (by other girls) they are also the most envied and loved group! Now who ever disputed the fact that love and hate always come hand in hand!

They would surely have a secret language which would be brought out at the least expected moment when amongst those who have dared to raise eyebrows at them. (Just to make them feel left out) You see that's the whole point to make sure that they have the power to make others feel lowly about them selves and for that purpose consciously or unconsciously they will wield any weapon available. There would be these "group study sessions" when the they would dissect in detail how some X wore the same sari on the last two occasions and how silly the pink lipstick was on her or how Mr.Y has hots for some W and then invariably one of them would also have "it" for Y so they would make a master plan against W in the silly pony tail and "so out" jeans!! Have no doubts that poor W will surely fall flat on her face when on stage (read with Mr.Y) irrespective of her feelings for the Mr.Y.

There are always variations to the usual story here and there. Sometimes these threesomes grow on to include one more cartel member mostly because two of the three are better friends and the other is feeling left out! So the left out girl would drag in some unsuspecting girl who would be at first shocked at finding herself on this side of the class but secretly thanking her stars! Little does this girl realize she is the one instrumental in the initial faint but nevertheless fatal cracks in the fine bonds forming the elite group. So now we have two pair of two's who when away from the other pair feel free to bitch and cuss about the other. In public or particularly among boys they would immediately switch to bond mode and would help each other flirt, contrive and plot! They would not only fool around and chalk out their love lives but will feel indebted to intervene and “help” (read create havoc) by acting like "mamis" in others lives also.

They are the only ones who will actually make any party or class outings a success or even an outing/party. I say this because after 15 years from school days you will still hear about class meet ups and parties which are organized and attended by just this group and the guys who worship the ground that they tread! How such a small group can be called “class” (of say 60) is something I have not been able to understand till date!

I think trios have always been and will be a part of everyone’s lives. They affect us in some way or the other along the years.They teach us the skills at manipulation or how to avoid it, the workings of the society and lastly but not the least cast upon us bitter sweet school/college memories. Of course many trios split up and go sour and some girls in the trios also grow up to become really nice and genuine women irrespective of the current status of the “trio” then…

I wish every naive girl who has become a victim to this trio realizes that permanence is fleeting, tables will turn and that they will have also have their day. So don’t become despondent at the prospect of facing the music because the truth is it will not last all that long anyway. All things come to end, be it black, white or shades of grey.

From the wrong side of the class
A Nobody


Goutham said...

A slight logical doubt..
By saying "From the wrong side of the class", do u mean u were one among the trio or not one among the trio? It looks like u were not one among the trio, in which case I wonder why u would use the words 'wrong side'? Does that mean, being bitchy and all that is actually right? On the otherhand, if u were one among the trio then, what can I say?

Caffeinism said...

@g'man- "From the wrong side of the class" am being sarci and a nobody!Think abt it!

Vidya said...

Ah..well, as always two's company, three's a crowd!! It seems like everywhere we go, the vicious trio follows. Be it school,!! Good observation I say...

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