The bride to be

Many ask me how I actually made up my mind that you are the one. Did angles sing when you spoke for those life changing 10 minutes? Did you fall in love at first sight? Did you hear violins like in main hoon na? Do you love him already? Do you like him? I have in vain tried answering all this but I don’t know. Not all questions have readymade answers. Not all groups of words form a sonnet right at the beginning. Not all sounds make music right from the first note onwards.

The truth is I never actually made a choice, I simply made a turn and you were standing right there in beautiful splendor to end my wait and take me away. But the answers will be found, sonnets sung and music made as we start off today together in search of all that more.Yours forever.

Dearest Friend,
This is to celebrate your engagement & wish you the very best now and always
May all your dreams come true


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