Of friends, ex’s, new bonds & blogs…

In violent and turbulent times like this it is but natural that emotions will also run high and low. Obviously so will the relationships. After being “sort of girlfriend / boyfriend” to a more firmly pronounced “Girlfriend/Boyfriend”, some major *ahems*, some wedding talk et all, you most definitely should not be surprised when you are forced to become a strong shoulder of support, because one of your close friends who was in the last stages of the cycle mentioned above has become a victim of the hugely accepted stance- “it’s” just not working! And all the lamenting about lack of passion and too much of distance should be accepted nonchalantly because after all its “kal yug” where all is near its doom. The amount of misery during the “break-up” is varied on both sides…some drown their sorrows and get hip hopping the next day while others whine and lament and use their “dard bhari kahani” to “make” new friends. You see such “heart to heart” talks are the beginning point of many relationships.

You tell your story and I will say mine over a beer or two in cheap dingy bar. We will sing songs and revel in the state of our imbibed senses and newly made connections.

And how can I forget the newest kid on the block, some call it a curse, some a lovely affliction, a play of identities, a tryst with unexplored territories- Blogomania. I am no statistician but I can safely bet that most blogers have hypothetical lovers, ex-lovers, archives full of sad stories about “you know who”, a forgotten date, a valentine gone haywire and more…So I will be there like the “good” friend I am to be, to comment on my friends baby blog with a name like “Sometime Somewhere”, filled with discreet hints, questionable facts about incidents I have already heard of and dissected in detail over lengthy phone conversations, but nevertheless shocked to see, in their highly exaggerated state!!

I will praise the style of writing, impart some inconsequential words of wisdom faithfully on every post, which in due course of time is bound to leave me irritated and pained.

Oh Yes, then there will come along the famous post about her/his impending arranged marriage which will not fail to strike a cord with many out there. So if you happen to hear the cacophonous sound of un-tuned violins when you chance upon the post, you should try to understand the good cause behind it and if possible leave a comment or two. The ones who relate to the post in a personal manner will also scribble their own apprehensions about becoming over the hill and never finding “true” love hence the arranged marriage…bhla…bhla…!! This in turn will surely attract some more like minded souls and then we would all celebrate our newly made blogger bonds over a tip-off or a senseless tag!!

Bolg sites, dingy bar owners and all those making money in related ventures rub their hands in blatant glee at the thought of the roaring business yet to be…


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