The Fly Swatter

Stupid flies. They keep coming on to you on pleasant evenings, when you are in your own world, lost in contemplation. Buzzing and droning, round and round, near your ear, on top of your head with their sticky little fly things. Shooh…I say and fling and wave my arms (in an almost comical manner), around and on top of my head with vigor, and momentarily loose my thought process as I keenly look around for more of these offenders….

Many men are like files. Yes, I might be nice to you, mean well for you, even come to think of you as a passing friend, listen to all the cribs over various forms chats and give appropriate monosyllable replies, but that does NOT mean I care for you, love/like you, will answer all your phone calls/messages, will walk that extra mile for you or want to live my life with you! Shoo…I keep shooing them away, but they always come back in different shapes and sizes buzzing around time and again and can never be driven off easily.

So I got my self a fly swatter. Sigh, I am not mean or cruel, just helpless against the filthy flies…


fullmoononearth said...

Ha ha ha!!!
Very well put. (As soon as I read the subject I thought of... you know who... and found it ended up as my intuition assumed :))

Goutham said...

Fly swatter. :-) Interesting thought.. In this lingo, I have been swatted by a couple and have swatted a couple of flies-- the female kind. Now I no longer know if I am swatting the right ones or the wrong ones. :-)

Caffeinism said...

@fullmoononearth- Thanks :-)

@ g'man- how can you not know if you are swatting the right ones or the wrong ones?!? the very fact you are swatting means that they are ovb wrong ones!! Life is full circle. We swatt some and get swatted by some...:-D

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