Ever yours

I cannot wipe the pearls that streak your face
Because hurt cannot be wiped away in haste

For there are sorrows so deep and dark
That the tides must raise and fall for them to heal

I cannot give you direction
Because the storms must cease before you seek home

For every soul is a traveler seeking destiny
That is your journey to make and I cannot bear to steal

I cannot offer you words of wisdom
Because that is yours to acquire not mine to give

For words cannot sooth the pain
That has to see the red heights before it fades

I cannot be the candle which will end your night
I cannot sweep away the dark clouds and promise a silver lining

But I can sit with you and watch until there is light.


Vidya said...

Well written!!

Neeti said...

that made my throat hurt. Its beautiful.

Anand said...

OH WOW!!!!!

Mukund said...

that was lovely :)

Goutham said...

very beautiful! good to see some renewed optimism in ur posts off late! :-)

Little Miss Sunshine said...

Absolutely wonderful!

Trusty said...

hmmm... i can see you are clear abt clearing confused people... well written ... subtle and right !!

Caffeinism said...

@ everyone- Thankyou:-)

@ trusty- I think you got it all wrong.Am not trying to clear anything here...they are just simple lines saying that you will there for someone!!!

fullmoononearth said...


Count not what I could do for you.
Let me just do what I am capable of.

fullmoononearth said...


Count not what I could do for you.
Let me do what I am capable of.

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