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Mundane Musings of the Vacillant Vi

Friday, December 30, 2017

10 years since...

It’s a life time between being 23 and 32…But I wish sometimes it was just a swap of numbers and nothing more. When I look into the mirror today I see the same me. Or maybe not…Today as I drove down my Ni & Ki to DAV school after a hectic morning, I happened to see a friend from my past whom I had completely lost touch with…

Wi who looked as gorgeous as ever. Her jeans fit her as it did when we were back in college…wait a second even the tiny top she was wearing looked like the one we picked at Cool Club at one of our gallivanting sprees…I remember the ice creams the walks on Besant Nagar beach…But it was the year we turned 23 that things changed…I would be lying if I said I did not know why…it was all because of Yi...and sometimes I wish I had acted otherwise...i wish the green eyed monster had not taken over my head...

She has not changed a bit…last I heard she was on some consulting job flying between nations and such…maybe that’s what she is still doing…I am sorry Wi but I could not face you today...the inches I have gained on my waist and little baggies here and there cannot be camouflaged even in these behenji type salwars suits I have stared wearing…The career I once gallantly left behind for my kids and husband does not seem a grand thing now…I miss what I could have been when I see you… I saw you crossing that road and quickly averted my eyes hurried to where my car was parked lest you see me and drove away without looking back…

Ps- rest of the day was usual as ever.

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Winged Wi & Her Sky

Friday, December 30, 2017

Back Home

My home- Chennai. All said and done no place can ever fall in the same league as your home. People say the climate is too sultry, summer to hot and the values too outdated but still it is home to me and will always be. I make it a point to touch base whenever possible in-between my trips and every time even though I see changes here and there, essentially Chennai is still the same old Chennai.

Today as I hurried to CCD near DAV today to meet an old friend I happened to see a person who I had lost touch with completely on purpose. I wish I had never laid eyes on him today because it brought back lots of flashes of pain and desperation from the year I turned 23. The year I changed. It often happens that when the pain you feel, out scales the happy memories, you just forget that there were some good moments too…try as much, 10 years down I still can’t seem to bring to mind a single happy memory. All I remember is the mean comments, the mind games, the tears, the fear, the desperation, the need to fade away into oblivion- all so that I could avoid and not draw attention of this one guy who for reasons unknown to me had turned me into a “catch” in a chase where his winning was the only rule… friends who I thought were friends started showing other colours. I became so withdrawn that I barely recognized myself anymore...

Even Vi left me alone. I think she knows exactly when and how she betrayed me and that is when things changed irrevocably between us. Sometimes I wonder If I will ever see her again and if she will be able to see me eye to eye. Funnily at that moment I caught a glimpse of a woman who so looked like Vi get into a car and speed away…was it her? I don’t know and in some ways I just don’t care. Though I have now learnt to forgive, I still have not learnt to forget. But at that moment the only thought on my head was to avoid Yi!!

Even after ten years, this more confident, global trotting me, could not face Yi. Though I have stopped shying from confrontations and stopped hiding, the unpleasantness of catching Yi’s eyes is akin to a nightmare, I am still trying to forget and I don’t want it to ruin my glorious and well deserved holiday. So as less conspicuously as possible I slipped behind crowds and headed towards CCD, without looking back and praying hard, that was not his intended destination too. It shocks me…some things just don’t change do they?

Ps- Rest of the day was beautiful. Met up with my friend and gang, did a lot of catching up and my heart skips a beat as I write this…someone very special is landing here tonight and I can’t wait to drive down to the airport to receive him…

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The Convoluted One-Yi

Friday, December 30, 2017

Yi’s Review for you

Today I went to Sathyam with Kuppa and saw a typical tam movie Mridangam. One hell of a movie in its bloody and psychotic best.

Okay spoilers galowre here people….

The movie is set in local engineering college so like the one I got my BE from. The hero who has never spoken to women falls in love and does everything in his capacity, in the next four years to try and make sure he wins his lady love and does so in the end after a bloody fight and mighty dialogues. Simply Beautiful.

Which takes me back to my “love story” in college, which much to my shock did not end as I wanted or maybe I should say has not yet ended as I want? Defeat is not in my vocabulary now is it? That is Yi for you.

I am 32, finally married and my amma thinks she has softened my baser and cruder instincts…well maybe she has… but I still continue watching and waiting…yes in spite of the heavy restrain I have put on myself the demon in me will never sleep to long now will it? It will rise one day from its slumber and break all hell loose...ha ha ha

F#@! I suck at writing and have no idea why I am here!!

Ps- We are returning to the US tomorrow and our Tickets are not yet confirmed…Pointer to me- Remember to call those buggers up and also get a haircut.

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