A short talk by the sea

Two young women, who were often referred to as sisters of heart in college, sat on the beach gazing at the endless span of grey blue Sea, in comfortable silence. A silence, which seemed odd, because they were meeting up to “catch up” after 3 long years. A silence, of close to thirty minutes, accentuated by the clamorous group boys playing cricket near by, only to be broken by one saying-

There is something very distinct about seeing a person with whom you once saw your future, live the same with someone else. It’s not jealousy, as commonly perceived, because neither of us tried to work for that future. There were too many things that always got in-between simply because we just let them. There were no accusations cast, no pent up passions that flared up, just a deep lack of feeling which slowly seeped up from nowhere and became invisible walls…but seeing him today with her was almost like dejavu, a scene from the past suddenly brought into the present, which resulted in an acute sense of loneliness descending from nowhere because…

Some of us fall by the wayside

And some of us soar to the stars
Some of us sail through our troubles

And some have to live with the scars...

The other could only nod in agreement as she felt as if it was, she who had spoken and not the other. The catching up done, they lapsed into comfortable silence again.


Little Miss Sunshine said...

hey, the pic and your words kinda gave a weird sense of calm this morning. It's mysterious how some words and sights reach us! Ha...miss the coast. :).

Caffeinism said...

@ sunanda- Well I am glad I reached you.:D

Expressions said...

A situation in every human's life i think...One which makes u think the value of friendship and the changes it undergoes with time

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