F for Feminism

Many of my readers have often exclaimed and looked at me with much distaste and some have also had the gal to send me some weirdo articles on yoni worship and stuff because they think I am a feminist. The worst part being I was actually enraged and wounded that they would think so and would often whine away, It is not like that, I am not a feminist and all ..bhla …bhla…

Well today I looked up what feminism actually means- Equality for women socially, economically and politically. This I guess most of us understand and know. But what many of us fail to realize is feminism is

Not about hating men and it is not a movement against men and oh yes feminists are not lesbians by default.

It is not about proving that women are physically stronger than men or doing the same things men do! Women are different from men and most of us cherish those difference thank you! It is also not about, wanting to “work” and not having babies. Hell I think I am a feminist and I would gladly remove my self from the corporate world to be a homemaker.

So what is feminism? Feminism to me is a movement towards empowering every girl and woman to have the freedom of choice. The freedom to take all the simple decisions in life without fear of what her husband will think or mother will say. The same freedom which usually gets taken away because of societal pressures and societal evils like rape, eve teasing etc…at this point I have add a conversation I had with expression about having kids in general. She feels she would want to have only boy babies, simply because the responsibility towards the girl child is never ending and the society is more kind towards the boys who grow up to be men in general than little girls who grow up to be women. It somehow shocked me a deep way as it came from one woman who is educated, working and is everything else, you would associate with a woman of today in broad sense. A person, who most of time surprises me, with her liberal thinking, given her background. Maybe what she says is true, given the society we live in. Maybe if you take it a little further and extrapolate similar feelings, you will find answers to why female infanticide is so prevalent and why sex determining tests are used against girl babies. But still does this suffice as reason for not wanting girl babies…??

And lastly but not the least as proved by the above conversation not all women are feminists and many men can be feminists too.

Feminists are not male bashing aggressive women, who scorn all male things, detest sex and do not shave. They can wear pink, frills, bangles, read mills & boons, believe in romance, have babies and at the same time demand and fight for the freedom of choice and a safer place on earth where any woman can walk alone in the night without the fear of rape, abuse and worst of all what neighbors the will say!


muse said...

You've written on a subject very close to my heart. :-)

Years ago in school, I used to tell everybody I met that I was a feminist. Back then it just meant that I thought women were equal to men and a childish attitude that said a woman can do everything a man can. In fact I used to tell the boys I met that that women were superior to men because women could have babies all by themselves.. !! (I was pretty innocent about the birds and bees back then... )

But now, it's become something of an insult to call somebody a feminist. The word calls up two pictures:
Either that of a mannish cold woman in a pantsuit. Who hates men and would gladly castrate most of them!!
Or the picture of the feminist sitting in her ladies' club - ignoring her children and rushing to the next kitty party!! This is an image purely drawn from Tamil Cinema.

I've even heard stuff like.. 'Oh, she's ugly, that's why she's a feminist.' Or even better.. 'She will be a feminist until she finds a boyfriend!'

whoami said...

I totally agree with u
But how many poeple have taken the word feminism means or a feminist means.

i never believe in our current society a womans role is not limited to maintaining the household or giving birth to children and look after them.She has a much greater role to do.
On one side u can see one section of woman who struggles to meet both their family needs and play their role as an employee.On the other hand (no bad feelings...) u can still find women who take it as some kind of challenge or competition in trying to match up with the men they work with.
Women need to try to match up or compete with the men around them,she has a definite position and role to perform.And raising kids and looking after households is definitely not a small job and only a women can do it.

I totally agree with the comments above,for a feminist the impression our media and people are giving is one of that of a person who would say"I cant do cooking...i have to go to the club"."i have to go for the dog show" bla bla bla.

But how many of our so called woman activists think this way and know what actually feminism means

Debaditya said...

"oh yes feminists are not lesbians by default.
" Too cool!!!
ok views...
Sadly there can be true feminism only when the same word becomes obsolete, for a few would have heard of masculism.'s different from it's cousin posts!!!
Can i say Shoba Dey is in the making??;-)

Caffeinism said...

@ muse- Abt the tamil cinema thing...i was not to aware glad you brought it up.:-)

@whoami- Well i sort of guessed who you are.;-) Thanks for dropping by and also creating an id just so that you can comment.

@ deb- Like many of your other comments, I fail to understand this one also! Shoba dey..have you even read her stuff??

Expressions said...

Though i totally agree with ur views on FEMINISM...I still stand by my views abt bringing up a girl baby in this society....May be with time and experience, I may take a better viewpoint...

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