Steps to Speedy (S)elebrity Status!

If you are looking at some quick publicity aka footage, then now is the time to write a book/column on Mika getting Kissy episode which can contain just enough “improper” content to pique ruling and non ruling parties who will hopefully(say a little prayer there) raise hue and cry about it…and make you a celebrity overnight!

If you really want celebrities from Bollywood also expressing their “concern” and “opinion” on your book, then remember to use names- Mika (Rika?) and Rakhi (Sakhi?).

Oh yes and if all fails, just as a back up plan remember to flick some conspicuously positioned paragraphs from some book, maybe Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts? That is the rage these days and you can be assured that someone will soon spot the similarities; else you could always do it yourself under an alias name!

Of course we Bloggers the latest breed of happening individuals will write about you and don’t worry if nothing else this will ensure you speedy and heady raise to the one of the most talked about people of the nation.

Good Luck!!


Mukund said...

sema mood pola irukku innikku! yellarayum ippadi thakkareenga :)

Caffeinism said...

what can i say...he he he :D

Raaga said...

:-)) I was just telling someone about this yesterday. That these tactics are the elevators to fame :-)

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