Spinning the wheel

As the potters wheel spun, all I could do for the first few seconds was gaze, mesmerized by the circular movements, the play of hands and clay. My mind went blank for a few seconds, so powerful was the affect it had on me. The circles created by the wheel were like spirals which steadily moved inwards until they disappeared. It so resembled the life that we lead and the things that we do...

A little clay
Mould it your way
A small play

A little turn here
A little spurn there

Listen to the spin
Will you win
Its all like a ring

I have personally seen and experienced that the even smallest and most insignificant of things/emotions (both intentional and unintentional) that go from us ultimately come back to us. Some call this “Karma”, which says that for every event that occurs there will follow another event whose existence was caused by the first, and this second event will be pleasant or unpleasant according as its cause. In other words

“What you sow is what you reap.”
“What you give is what you get.”

Contrary to what you might be thinking, I am not on a preach mode…This is not about the good or the bad ...the right or the wrong. All I am trying to say is that any action you do will have boomerang effect and will come right back to you. In fact this post here is because I experienced something similar some time back…

Given that I usually hate messy-mushy stuff (especially from people whom well... I don’t want it from), it was not surprising that I was appalled in extreme when I was subjected to a certain kind of indirect emotional splurge, successfully singular in its vagueness to all but me. On second thought, it was déjà vu! Just that this time, I knew how it was to be on the other end, the receiving end. Sheshh….could I have been that pathetic? I wish I had acted otherwise…thoughts of regret- so many ifs’- many more buts’ were all running haywire and amidst all this one aspect was stark- Life has its own way of teaching, showing us those subtle (not so subtle?) pointers every now and then, to how we have acted/reacted in past…but it is upon us to recognize the hints and change the way we mold the clay on the potter’s wheel…a wheel of life.


fullmoononearth said...

Agree with you that "What goes, comes back". Guess that is the reason why the learned once said, "Always do good"
As far as our good deeds are acknowledged it's ok. But I'm afraid of those deeds that I consider were not good and I wasn't given at choice but to commit them. Would they also come back?? I'd still be with no choice but to bear with whatever comes my way. Or... do I have one??

Goutham said...

Ya... I agree.. " what you sow is what you reap".. However, the corollary is not true. No wonder, shit happens, no matter how much good you do.. :-)

Caffeinism said...

@ fme- that is what I am talking about here...all deeds will come back good/bad-intensional-unintensional...

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