An ode to family functions

I am back in Chennai after a nice little holiday. As I write this images and scenes from the last few days flash back and forth in my minds eye and I can almost hear the laughter , the twinkle of anklets, a snide comment passed here and there…absence of good coffee…excellent payasam…gayatri jabam…chittis…mamis…attais…cousins both near and distant…catching up on each others lives…meeting and making new “connections”…exchange of jadagams…in search of the new “bakara”…gold and diamond talk…babies crying in the background…everything…

I remember there was a time when I used to detest functions as I was often put under the microscope and used feel like the small insect being dissected-pricked-poked over and over again. I used to see every conversation as contrived and full of artifice. An ordeal of sorts…But somewhere along the years all that has changed. The same microscopic conditions do not intimidate me anymore, you see I am comfortable with whom I am or I am becoming. The snide barbs if any just brush past me. The conversations seem more genuine and reflect the need we have to connect with each other given the short time span. It’s more like all of us are searching for an excuse to connect in some and retain/nourish that genetic streak which binds as a one family, in the nuclear family world where most of us meet many of our cousins for the first time during their marriages, where second/third cousins are nothing but distant acquaintances and anything beyond the first circle is unknown territory, a mystery waiting to be solved!

So this post here is to celebrate the spirit of all the family functions and to all those who make them happen.



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