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Mika getting Kissy

Who is Mika? Is he anyone of so much consequence that we (media and junta) give so much of importance to him kissing some Rakhi? Molestation charges and harassment are news items but surely that does not merit repeated telecast of the video across all channels. ?!?

I am not providing any link here as the whole internet is anyway flooded with the same and I am sure you have could not have missed it!!


Mukund said...

ohh come on, but for these repeat telecasts how would we know who mika or rakhi were?? :) sensation sells, i guess....

Caffeinism said...

ha ha ha...good one..lolz

Deepak Sankhla said...

Mika or Mike.. it doesnt matter, as long as they get the fodder. Media thrives on sensationalisation and titiliation, who is to be blamed?? Ofcourse.. we the people.

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