Scream (un)screen Da Vinci

I am one among the millions eagerly waiting the release for Ron Howard’s Da Vinci Code, not because of my love for the book (In fact I found the ending to be quite a bit of anti climax) but because it is a controversial book and negative publicity always piques interest. This interest has now been further whetted because of the recent drama about “Hurting the sentiments of Christians” and the much awaited verdict of I & B Ministry.

Were there no wounded sentiments when the book was released? And all of actually us lapped it up in no time and turned Dan Brown who was just another writer to a celebrity of sorts.

The three other books he has written have also become best sellers now and I can see multiple “copies” strewn about shady corners and on traffic signals, across cities. The same phenomenon was reflected in case of Kaavya Viswanathan's, “How Opal Mehta got kissed got Wild and got a Life”. The book might be banned but “copies” are available and junta is still reading it. So in short we are ensuring the run away success of this movie, a movie which has supposedly offended the sentiments of many Christians!

But apart from all that there is still the issue of freedom of expression. What can the movie do that the book did not? On the contrary I feel books are a more powerful medium than the big screen, which is obvious from the fact that, if not for the controversial runaway success of the book, not many would have even cared to see the movie.Drawing parallel here, Harry Potter movies are watched solely because of books and the appeal they have created.

“We are a secular country. On any sensitive issue, we should take action after we examine every aspect,” Dasmunshi told reporters

I know the Christian minority votes are too important to be put at stake…but thses politicians are just playing with the sentiments of the crowds and I wish people would wake up and see this drama for what it is – a publicity stunt .How can a piece of fiction even which alludes to possible controversial outlooks affect the masses in general? We as human beings (read intelligent animals) have the power to think and decide for ourselves what we want to believe and what we want to dismiss.

So to the millions out there-Those of you who are affected by this please refrain from watching the movie and let the other avid movie watchers and others who are watching it for the heck of it go ahead and watch it!


Expressions said...

Very well written re...The observation that the tamasha is for the sake of publicity is so true...Wish our politicians would raise above such petty stunts....

Raaga said...

My friends and I were planning to watch it this weekend. In a country like the US, where Christians are clearly in the majority, this has not created an issue. We should learn to be open to newer ideas, interpretations. Let's debate about things, but with an open mind.

Again, one of the many things that will remain outside my understanding

Caffeinism said...

@ expressions and raaga- I often wondre how will Jesus become any less a saint or a great man if he just happened to be a married man?

Raaga said...

My point exactly :)

Would we Hindus treat the essence of the Gita any different based on whether he remained loyal to one woman or was linked to a 1000 Gopikas?

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