Romeo & Juliet Again…


Oceans apart, day and day

I hear your voice on the line

And I think I go insane

There is battle raging
Wishes or Fate

Somehow they just don’t mate

And I may see you next to never
So how can I say forever?
Juliet it’s just the time that is wrong again...

You see Romeo…

Second chances are a myth

As elusive as Moon beam

Yet like the snap off a dream

It crept its way back on us
Creating a havoc

A storm in the silent seas

A change in the pattern

Like a merry dance on Saturn

It was the past coming alive

I almost believed

And dared to dream

A sharp soar into skies

But winds of change have blown over

And we are but two strangers at crossroads Romeo

It was all an err

Because second chances are a joke
Where you start of rich and end up broke…


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