Just Juliet

Looking out of the window

Hearing the clock tick by


Watching People walk by
Listening to them Sing their own little songs


Hailing to the stars
Wishing very hard


That someone will look up
Find her right there.



Debaditya said...

don't wait...come down and find someone right or wrong...
else u would be mistaken as a lifeless idol for being so long there..
(keep walking.....walker..)

Caffeinism said...

Right-wrong-lifeless idol...Sorry it is all Gibberish to me!!
Maybe Juliet likes waiting!!!!!!

Mukund said...

I wonder why no one has looked up so far :) have added the car pic to my post now! take a look....

Expressions said...

Hope it is Juliet u r addressing to in ur comment ..Would appreciate a little more clarity....

Too Cute....especially the snap:)

Debaditya said...

@expressions -Really appreciate ur point..
Wish i would have had this from the BlogAuthor itself..

fullmoononearth said...

Wait... wait for the right time... for the right person. And decide to act when you sight the right person and find that the time is right.

Suresh Thiagarajan said...

Rather than waiting up, you can take a walk for a change and see lots of other people who are waiting looking down like you were! :-D

Debaditya said...

Nice one!!!
bit late in appreciating!!!

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