I am 25 and

~In the processes of becoming who I am and am changing by the minute
~I wonder where I will be a year from now and “think and re-think” the same thing dozens of times and never find the right answers!!(Maybe right answers are a defunct concept!)
~I know I have wings and want to take off.
~I know most people are selfish and now think maybe they are justified in being so! So what? It’s a selfish world where only the fittest survive.
~Friends who I thought were "Best Friends" are not exactly "The Thing" anymore and there are others who can easily take their place.
~I have cared,loved, gotten hurt and bled in the past.
~I have finally stopped hurting. Everything just brushes past me and I am left looking on dispassionately.
~I wonder when I will meet someone decent enough to want to get to know them better.
~Nothing is unbelievable and I care lesser and lesser, about what others think of me.
~I now live for the moment and make best of it.
~I don't like my job and want to move on. (So what’s new about that huh?)
~I don't miss college but miss school in some college life got screwed up because I was naive and plain stupid.
~I know what I want from my life but am still searching.
~I don't trust easily.
~I want to make money… loads of it.
~I want to travel the world.
~I have stopped going with the crowd and the gang factor has become close to being nothing. (But hold on I was never a group person, was I?)
~I have come to appreciate the grey area and blurred boundaries between what is perceived as “good” and “bad” and have reveled in the feeling of uncertainty and recklessness.
~I have come to believe every conflict is a failed negotiation. (Give Take Give Take Negotiate)

I want to live and want it all wish list and more…


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