Thoughts on a Thursday

On the Dance bar Drama

Now one can debate, explore the whole topic from various angles and take it apart in every way. If I were to write on this I would not know where to stop and in fact it would become the longest post I have made so far on a single topic.Yes it would even surpass the marriage one. So I am now going to try to put my opinion in as few words as possible.

Any problem has to be tackled at the root. For all those women who are in this trade because of desperate scenarios, alternative means of lively hood will remain a defunct concept until education and “empowerment” of women is not made a reality. Poverty needs to be tackled. Initiatives and bills like “The National Rural Employment Guarantee act, 2005” need to be implemented and made a reality and even extended with special privileges for women. Last I heard the only about 100 Districts have actually put this is place.

A ban /censorship will never work in a democracy such as ours. People will just find alterative means to evade the law and this may aggravate and worsen the situation. (Read lead to increase in flesh trade). When there is demand there will be supply.

Morality cannot be imposed as it is subjective. What might be immoral for one might be choice/way of life for another. Who are governments (we) to act as gods and decide what is “Right” and “Wrong”.To all those who are vehemently voicing phrases like “No woman will wants her daughter in a dance bar” when was the last time you did or wanted to indulge in the likes of the same at the expense of some “majaboor” woman. It is hypocritical to talk of morality here where unspeakable atrocities are inflicted on women under the sacred wraps of “Marriage” and when most Music channels on TV are airing scantily clad women wriggling away to remixed versions of old and new songs alike and last I saw most seem to enjoy this.

But to hope such a controversy will not resurface time and again is being to optimistic but hopefully there will an empirical difference next time there is uproar in the same lines.

On my First Blood Donation

Along the years every time I wanted to donate blood at the camps organized by college/office ,I was faced with repeated rejection and the reason was attributed to low hemoglobin count or some “null and void” weight issue. As far as I have known I have never been underweight but those medical technicians with the blood donation camp always felt otherwise.

So that should explain as to why I am quite euphoric about having donated blood for the first time today. My hemoglobin count was at a healthy 13.2 gm ( yahoo!!) and my weight was also not under normal.(rolling eyes as if it ever was) At this point I have to say I am not too thrilled about this because it may mean I need to loose a kilo or two!! And I am working towards that.) I was a little (only a little ok?) scared but the whole thing was over in no time and the aftermath was worth remembering because I felt a sense of accomplishment a sense of purposefulness and was pleasantly surprised that neither did I feel dizzy or weak .Anyways as far as first experience's goes it was one of its kind and I might consider doing this again in future.

On my pay revision letter

Again I am pleasantly surprised that the hike has been more than I expected. Well that does not mean the increase is “Good” it just means that I did not expect much! This is good thing again as expectations lead to dissapointments. The thing that really struck me was there was very little difference between what an employee with a higher CRR (Consolidated Relative Ranking) and a lower one got. I think I can safely attribute it to the slight tilt towards “communist mentality” type work culture at Infosys. Anyways I am quite happy baring the fact there is too much of Intra city travel and almost nil inter city/county travel!

Leaving you with all that on this beautiful Thursday
Have a great weekend


Debaditya said...

good re..aur party kab de raha hai..

Caffeinism said...

Huh!! deba thats is all you can think of to say!!(just kidding)

Debaditya said...

kya karu...i ve not got my first treat yet..:-(
not kidding........ha ha
and no comments on dancebar stuff..
and i just wish i donate some blood in my life..

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