Moments of Truth

Sometimes in the most discreet way certain facts about ourselves are revealed to us. It could happen in between completely off beat phone conversations, over a coffee, seconds before you fall into slumber…anywhere actually.

There is no intense fire or vibrant energy that follows this realization hence rarely makes a mark on us and we often even overlook or forget its very occurrence.
It is as fleeting as a gentle breeze, subdued and delicate in its transcendence, almost bordering on trivial but mind you these are the very moments which are like the snap shots of our existence, a mere blip in the vast ocean of our lives but sometimes greatest treasures of all as they define us and have the capacity to change and affect us in a profound way.

The important thing is to be very close to your finer instincts, to feel the subtle hints. Maybe this is what “realization of self” is all about. Yesterday I came across one such moment.The pain I held, the change I carve, the unfulfilled desires all disappeared and their importance was reduced to zero. Yes it was one of thoses rare moments of truth which leave you at peace for the while they last and then pass of as quietly as they arrived; leaving you in the same state you were before this but with a memory of tranquility. A memory which makes me smile in content and feel free in a strange sort of way and results in posts like this.


Debaditya said...

good re!!!
Enjoy the absolute freedom!!!

fullmoononearth said...

And yes, that one moment is what makes it worth continue to live further.
I couldn't express myself but... anyways...

Pradeep Soundararajan said...


Thanks for feeling that I am a Tester from heart and would want to know something about you .. i was unable to find your mail id , if you get time and would wish to contact please drop a mail. (

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