Kaun si party kasi party-To party or not to party?

Nay this is not about the colorful fun filled bashes you might have had over the weekend. Hmm…weekends...they have a way about them don’t they? I wish I could go either go back to Last Friday or do "fast-forward" to the next one. Most Monday mornings are slow as far as work is concerned. At least I am in no mood to work now and that is why I am here, penning this. Without any more delay let me embark on the topic at hand- The upcoming polls in TN.

This time all those voters who have become worn out with idea of choosing between the two ruling party’s here have a choice –Vote for Lok Paritran. This party has attracted huge media coverage and has got all the hype possible, given that it is but a party in its insipient stage. And many news papers have actually alluded at a parallel between them and the popular movie “Rang de basanti”! There are even a few orkut groups floating around. But the question is-Is any party worthy of your vote just because they are a bunch of the elite IIT alumni? Does their education (read mathematical ability) make them good administrators or even good politicians?
In search of these answers I landed at their web site-lokparitran

On landing at the ideology page I am bombarded with graphic illustration about the “Knowledge system” and on quickly skimming through the page I have this:

Sabhi Sukh Ho
Sukh Ka Mol Samridhi Ho
Samaradhi Ka Mol rajya Ho
Rajya Ka Mol Danda Ho

Basically the party says they will strive for happiness, prosperity, good governance and justice.

Ultimately it is the human nature, from which everything is derived. Without going into much detail, humanity exists in such a manner that happiness of all the people is interconnected. The happiness of one man is ultimately derived from happiness of others.

Ring a bell? An abstract out of Sri Ravishankar teachings!! I am not sure if this is the right place for such "gyan". Still in search of those elusive answers I continue to linger and landed at the Strategy page. Here they have put forth the general sentiments prevailing amongst the educated class-“Apathy, hopelessness and suspicion” and claim that even the most honest efforts are viewed with suspicion. At this point I must agree with them as I too am here with a veil of mistrust but hey at least I am here!

But I am disappointed. This party seems to have huge ideologies and use bombastic words but there is little less. I find no mention of how they are going to bring about this change with they have talked so much about. How they will affect the common man? What about the poor farmer? What is their stand on Disinvestment? How will they convince the huge illiterate masses of our country that reservation is not the solution to all their problems? How will they take these masses up the development ladder without reservation and likes of it? What is their stand on India's Foreign policy, Nuclear deal...etc?

Yes “Knowing the problem is knowing the solution”, but pray why have you not stated at least a few problems and your stand on them. The lack of Grass root level approach is very obvious from their website. Focus is highly deficit here. They claim that they will transform India to a formidable economic power but how this will be brought about is left to the reader’s imagination. If you are a party with a difference then what is the difference? Graduating from hallowed IIT’s does not suffice!! Okay! Okay! I am done with finding loop holes for now.

In spite of all this, here is a party (My grandfather like many others refuses to accept them even as party. He says they are a group of individuals and nothing else!) which has taken a step to try and do something however the lack of focus and absence of concrete solutions. Everyone deserves a chance and so does this party, which claim’s that “We are not after power; this is for an ideology”.

There are many allegations being cast that such educated candidates (with unclear intensions) can use their education to swindle money more deftly and discreetly than the current MLA's!One of my uncles, a professor at IIT Madras often says that IIT is full of educated and clever crooks!! But hey to all those who feel that way, no one is guilty until proven and this is more of a reason why you should cast your vote for this group of individuals, because unlike all the other candidates, they have a clean record so far. At this point I want people like me who have been looking for alternatives to appreciate this and take steps to encourage this movement and not just criticize the effort.They may not win the any seats and may lack concrete solutions but will definitely have my vote as they have at least dared to try.

Do you dare? Dare to dream? Dare to support a party which will never win the elections this time round but might just be the silver lining you were waiting for all along? Do you dare to give them a chance and in turn give yourself a chance?


Debaditya said...

haan..agar mein chennai se hota toh

Goutham said...

Hmm.. Looks like a 'silent' campaign for Lok Paritran.. :) .. Did you just join their party? Do you dream to be the next 'Amma' for TN? ;)

Caffeinism said...

@deba - ya fine re:-D

@g'man- Huh!! Was that sarci?I thought I was rather mean!

Goutham said...

@caffeinism..No sarcasm.. Rather genuine question. :)

Caffeinism said...

@ g'man-No am not!:-)

Ajay Khandelwal said...

Good effort ...Negativism prevails :)

Caffeinism said...

@ Ajay- I am honored that you actually registered to comment!!Sweet!

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