Hint of Ecstasy

Sunset in the background
Miles and miles of sands around

The roar of the sea
Salt and spice in the air

Glistening eyes starry and bright
Moist lips sensuous and slight

A touch as fleeting as a feather
A sweet tickle causing a ripple

Soaring sprits and Turning worlds
Sharpened senses heightened awareness

A dance of practiced surfers
Riding the waves with each passing moment

An Onslaught of motion
Followed by stillness

A moment removed
Stunned and light

Against the twilight sky
…it was a hint of ecstasy alright


Expressions said...

I totally love the pointers in the poem....A really cryptic one i should say...

Debaditya said...

too cryptic......seems like u wanted to write novel and wrote this one..ijk

Debaditya said...

done..!!!keep scrapping...:-)
some experiments with orkut settings long ago

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