One of those evenings

Today evening has been one of those evenings, which are suddenly upon me from no where. They are dull, gloomy and generally carry a sense of distaste for anything and everything. Come to think of it it’s surprising that I am feeling this way, because I accomplished almost everything I wanted to do today.
Yes I tried talking to friends , gossiping with grandparents and even went shopping this eve. Though I did feel better after that… somehow the mood is back. I can’t stop thinking about ammama. My eyes are watering as I write this. I guess I am just missing her real bad or it could be just that bad moods attract more depressing thoughts. Its all a circle.
Still someday when I am more balanced I will write about her and also how it was to see her slip away.
But right now everything is getting on my nerves. Last try-Pride and Prejudice- will go watch that now. Hopefully I am better disposed after that. Signing of on that note-Good night.


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