Dancing in the rain

I'm dancing in the rain
Dancing with clouds
With the swaying trees
To a happy little song
A song from my heart

A smile on my face
I'll walk down the lane
With happy abandon
Dancing, just dancing
In the rain.

Beautiful row of hills, swinging trees, clowdy skies and a lovely little deserted path… they were all beckoning us and we just could not keep away form it all. So after lunch today we went for a walk and a good distance too… and guess what it started raining. This was like the icing on the cake and resulted in a torrent of giggles and loads of fun.
Our walk back in the poring rain was the best of all, of course once back in office we were greeted by a lot of weird stares but who cares- we had a good time. :-D
I live for such moments of unadulterated joy. These are what make life worth while.

Hear the rhythm of the raindrops
Dripping to the ground.
Hear the rhythm of the raindrops
Dropping all around.
Hear the rhythm of the raindrops
Drumming on the roof tops.
And with the rhythm of the raindrops
Hear the twinkle and tinkle of our laughter.


fullmoononearth said...

Lovely lines. Rains some how refresh you inside out. I love the tiny droplets on my face during a drizzle.
But... did it really rain there today?

Caffeinism said...

@ FMe-yes it did!! every word i have written is true.

kartyc said...

yes, it did rain in madras ...thanks to that...i caught a cold and was down with fever as well yesterday.

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