Celebrating womanhood

I am sure women’s day has been celebrated in various forms at different places. Some which actually made a difference to all the less fortunate women and others which were reduced to ridiculous sari parades across offices! Mails have been flying around ...but on a slightly different note-a short story- “Thoughts on Women's Day”. Do take a look.

On a lighter note this is what Meera Chowdhry has got say about "What does a woman want?".It rings a bell does it not?

Over a period, lot of my young adult male readers have this question to ask me, " What does a woman want?" A lot has been said on this subject and the most common belief is that even the Creator is oblivious of what goes through a woman's mind in different circumstances. Young kids who are otherwise fresh in their experience of life obviously find it very complicated to understand the reactions of the girl of their life.

I am going to try to help them a little bit here. However, it is good to learn mysteries as unveiling the petals of a flower - one at a time. As we go through life we learn and more, so with that one individual women of each person's life. Everyone is individual with his/her experiences as such no two women could be identical in their thought process. In general one can say a lot about women what they think how they feel what is their outlook towards life.

The best thing a man can do in understanding his woman is to remember. Good memory is the most vital tool. Whether it is remembering her birthday or the anniversary or the first conversation he ever had with her? I still get mad at my husband for forgetting what happened some 27 years ago. For a woman, memory of events (may be important to her alone) means the man cares for her enough and if the man remembers the conversation it is proof to the lady that the man pays attention to what she has to say. Stupid this may sound, but some sensitive men do place importance to this side of a woman and thus they are the happy ones.

Then there is remembering the reactions. Many a times even today my husband does not know how I would react to a certain situation - that is completely acceptable to me. However, what is not acceptable is if he forgets my reaction in case the situation is repeated. I am lucky he remembers and gives me no chance at that. All I have to get mad is once second time the event does not recur.

Unfortunately, any time a man forgets something most women think, "Oh he doesn't care enough for me to remember small things that give me happiness"

Frankly in a relationship both partners need to pay attention what the other person's likes and dislikes are. This goes a long way in having a happy relation. For example, my husband does not like me calling him at work unless there is an emergency - I don't call period. Likewise if a husband remembers what his wife likes or dislikes, then there are less problems in a relationship.


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