Back to square one?

Diary entry-
July 1st 2005
A day to remember because I gave my first resignation today, because I am steeping away from what has been a part of me for so long, because JPC will soon be history, because noon walks at Alsa Mall- Fountain Plaza will be just memories., because it was my first job, because I feel a lightness and basic excitement of starting something afresh, because I will leave yet another friend behind me.

It has been eight eventful months after that but I am still not satisfied with my life. There is always something more that I want. Something is missing. I feel incomplete. In search of those missing pieces of Jigsaw puzzle I have knocked many doors, explored alternatives but in vain. I have not been able to nail it down. What is that I want? Will I ever find the answer? In some ways its like I am back to where I was eight months back.


fullmoononearth said...

Even I kinda feel the same way at times. You have the consolation that you are at home with your parents. I don't have that either. It's all a '?'

Little Miss Sunshine said...

Isn't that the beauty of life though? IF one knew what one wants one would do what it takes to get it. You get it and then? To want something new, isn't it human? Isn't that what keeps everything fresh and new. I guess the difference is whether we go about looking for new stuff with a smile and unadulterated enthusiasm. I have had the same thoughts many a times and felt like penning my two cents worth here! Good luck in your search!

Ekam Sathyam said...

Memories are too strong an emotion and can be quite cold, but they can be made memorable by looking at the brighter side and the learnings associated with them.

A Quote from the Bhagavad Gita:

Nainam chindanti shastrani
Nainam dahati pavakah
Na cainam kledayan tyapo
Na sosayati marutah

Though, Krishna said this about the soul, memories can also be looked at from the same perspective

Time can be a healer and it can take you on a journey that knows no bounds. The ever increasing number of doors in this journey will help you get to your destination.

Once you get to the destination, a new journey begins... and the feeling of "back to square one" comes back to haunt you. This is a vicious circle called "Life".

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